Single Contact. Costs saving. Presence.

About us

Petromed was established in 1998 by a group of petroleum engineers having more than 20 years experience in the specific activity of representing Companies supplying goods and services to the oil & Gas Industry


Petromed offers to the Oil Companies and their local Contractors a number of services to support their on-shore and off-shore operations in the Oil and Gas exploration and production activities.

Our services can be resumed as follows:

1 - Single Contact

By contacting Petromed, Oil Companies have the access to a number of suppliers who are able to satisfy the various needs of the Oil and Gas Up Stream activity. Our Principals, of which we are exclusive Agents in Italy, have been selected so as to offer complementary services and products to satisfy different needs within the same project.

2 - Costs saving

The assistance offered by our technical and commercial organization allows the service companies to reduce their operating costs in Italy and therefore being able to apply more competitive prices to their customers.

3 - Presence

Petromed assures a constant site presence which allows to face any request of information or technical literature not available on the web.  Moreover, the customer can benefit of Petromed assistance to organize in a matters of hours technical/commercial meetings.

Advantages offered to our principals

1) Office space and logistics.

2) Cost saving on international travel expenses.

3) Follow up of the contracts until the successful conclusion of the same.

4) Prompt actions to avoid problems and misunderstandings.

5) Technical assistance and translations.

6) Legal, financial and bank assistance thru our Consultants.

7) More competent and cost effective logistic assistance than what a foreign company can achieve by operating from overseas.